March 2019  

President's Report




An investment in knowledge pays the best interest
     --- Benjamin Franklin

ATI, BELFOR and Abracadabra Restoration/Kustom US will be conducting a restoration round table at our March 26th luncheon meeting.  Their goal is to help property managers and building owners gain knowledge about working with restoration contractors in today’s world and help dispel restoration myths in order for us to make the most balanced decisions for our buildings. 

We are very excited for our BOMA Casino Trade Show which will be held April 30, 2019 from 3:00pm – 6:00pm.   We will have Blackjack tables, Roulette Tables, Wheel of Fortune and other fun filled games for our principal members to play as they learn from our Associate members what services their businesses have to offer.  We look forward to a fun filled event.  Details regarding the tradeshow will be sent out under separate cover. 

BOMA’s EER (Experience Exchange Report) is now open so please submit information on your properties.  Also, please share this with other property managers even if they are not a BOMA member.  Benchmarking your commercial property against others can save you up to 3% each year on operating expenses. There is a link on our website hope page so please enter your submissions before April 1, 2019. 

We look forward to seeing everyone March 26, 2019.

Think BOMA First

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Meeting/Event Information



March 26, 2019

Restoration Round Table:  Myth Busters
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Sheraton Tucson Hotel
5151 E Grant Rd
Tucson, AZ 85712
Myth Busters

TOPIC:  Restoration Round Table: MythBusters

Our goal is to help educate the property managers and owners about working with a Restoration Contractor in today’s world.  We are here to help dispel the myths and provide information about our industry to keep you better in the know.  Knowledge is power and knowing who and WHEN to call can keep your property’s open for business and your budget intact. 


  • Much of our pricing is dictated by Insurance companies that insist that WE (ATI, BELFOR and Abracadabra Restoration/Kustom US) have a certain set of standards, certifications and insurance coverage. Not all companies have these same standards and may be able to undercut pricing.

  • Not all jobs are created equal. The water loss in warehouse that has concrete floors is not the same as a water loss that occurs on a 2nd story office building with carpet and 4 rooms are affected. 

  • At the end of the day we are in support of you and your buildings. We all have the same levels of insurance, certifications and capacity to do what many others cannot.  We are here to give you piece of mind to minimize future risks.  Risk management is really the key.  What risks are you willing to take to ensure the job is done correctly and will last?  Are you risking saving a $ today, and not worrying about what may occur in the future?

  • The standards and the certifications that we all need to adhere by.

Pricing is dictated by the Insurance Companies to help keep level standards; much like the medical insurance regulates how much is to be charged for a surgical procedure.

Much of who you call and when you call is predicated on the type of insurance you hold, the amount of your deductible and the extent of the loss you have just suffered. 

To give you all the information to make the most balanced decision for your building and your owners. 

Drunken Chicken Marsala
Fontal Polenta
Chicken Caesar Salad

Registration opens:  11:45 am
Networking:  11:45 am-12:00 noon
Lunch and presentation:  12:00 noon-1:00 pm

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Membership Dues



Your membership dues are now past due.

Invoices went out via email in early December and the 2nd notice went out recently for your 2019 Membership Dues.  If your dues are not received/paid by Monday, March 18th, you will be moved to non-members in our database and be dropped from BOMA International.  If you choose to join later, I would be happy to add you back into our system.

Please note and advise your accounts payable division of our mailing address:

10645 N. Orace Road
Suite 121; #239
Oro Valley, AZ  85737

If you prefer to pay with a credit card, please call the BOMA Office at (520) 310-1605.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

It has been a pleasure having you part of this great association and here is to another great year.

Here's to 2019!!!

Luann Schwartz
Executive Director

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The 2019 Office EER and Industrial EER surveys are now open.
Submit your data before April 1.

CLICK HERE to enter your information

Any commercial property can submit 2018 year-end income and expense data to the 2019 surveys, regardless of whether or not the property is owned or managed by a BOMA member. The online submission form allows most respondents to finish in about 30 minutes, but there’s no need to complete an entire survey at once. Save your answers as you go and return to the form as many times as needed before the March 30 deadline.

Use the Office EER to:

  • Build better budgets and pro formas;
  • Evaluate and refine operational strategies to trim expenses and bolster NOI;
  • Discover where service contracts may be over market averages and use this data to rebid them;
  • Communicate metrics to owners, investors and tenants more effectively;
  • Uncover trends in current and new markets with historical data; and more


The Industrial EER is the commercial real estate industry’s only benchmarking resource for the industrial sector. With the information found in this report, you can:

  • Evaluate and refine operational strategies;
  • Maximize industrial asset performance;
  • Demonstrate to owners and tenants how operating expenses compare to the market average;
  • Identify trends in local, regional and national markets with historical data; and more!

With data collected from thousands of industrial properties across more than 100 U.S. markets, the 2018 Industrial EER offers valuable sector-specific information, including:

  • Income (Base rent, pass-throughs, operating expense escalations, etc.);
  • Expenses (Exterior building maintenance, management fees, amortizable capital expenditures, etc.);
  • Average square footage per tenant and tenant employee; and
  • Occupancy data.
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Upcoming Events

March 7th ~ Committee Meetings
** Regular Committees (Membership, Programs and Education)
     MAS Real Estate Services
     4732 N. Oracle Road; Room 313
     3:30 pm

March 26th ~ Luncheon
** Myth Busters 
     Sheraton Tucson
     5151 E. Grant Road
     Tucson, AZ  85712
     CLICK HERE to register
     11:45 am Registration/Program begins at Noon

April 4th ~ Committee Meetings
** Regular Committees (Membership, Programs and Education)
     MAS Real Estate Services
     4732 N. Oracle Road; Room 313
     3:30 pm

April 30th ~ Members Only Casino and Gaming Trade Show 
** More information coming soon ...

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Welcome New Members



Kurt Campbell, Pueblo Mechanical and Controls

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Did You Know?

If you have information that would be beneficial to our members, please feel free share the information/article by sending to Luann at [email protected]


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Partnership Program

2019 Partnerships Available ...

If you would like to be part of the partnership program, the cutoff is Friday, March 8th so we can get your company logo on the banner!

We have 4 levels:



Prickly Pear


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office at (520) 310-1605.







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10645 N. Oracle Road
Suite 121; #239
Oro Valley, AZ  85737

(520) 310-1605  phone
(520) 844-1674  fax 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me in the BOMA GT office at [email protected] or call (520) 310-1605.

Thank you,

Luann Schwartz
Executive Director

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