BOMA Greater Tucson links real estate professionals to the information, networking, and education that are needed to succeed today. It is more than just an association, it is a support system.  Here are a few of the benefits members enjoy:

Be part of a powerful team! Inclusion within a team powerful enough to influence local, state and federal legislation and policy directly bearing on your company's profitability. BOMA has strong political influence at the local, state and federal levels through proactive and dynamic lobbying efforts.
Build Important Relationships! Opportunities to build relationships providing insight on what your clients, employers or employees need to know. Plus, each member receives access to the exclusive online Membership Directory containing contact information for the top owners, managers and vendors in the area, as well as access to other features of the "members-only" section of the BOMA Greater Tucson website.
Boost Your Knowledge and Skills! Boost your knowledge and increase your analytical and practical skills through BOMA educational seminars and BOMI Institute professional designation programs offered through BOMA.
Stay Up-to-Date on the Industry! Stay current and expand your industry knowledge on local and national topics through monthly newsletters and meetings.
Enjoy Exclusive Networking Opportunities! Advanced notice and access to our unparalleled networking functions, including the monthly luncheon, Annual Golf Tournament, Summer Event and Holiday Party. As any businessperson can testify, getting to know your competition, peers, and colleagues is key to success.
Access a Worldwide Industry Network! Membership gives you access to local members and a national member database of over 17,000 real estate professionals in the 100+ local associations and affiliates throughout North America and across the globe.
Influence the Future of BOMA! Commercial real estate is your industry and BOMA is the association that protects your interests. Through committee participation, your enthusiasm and ideas will help shape the future of BOMA Greater Tucson and influence our industry.

Ready to join?  You can join on line (from the home page) or download an application to fax or mail in.

Download Principal Member Application

Download Associate Member Application

Description of Member categories:

Principal ~ Shall be a legal entity owning, developing, managing, leasing or controlling real estate property located within the boundaries of the County of Pima, State of Arizona.  Principal has voting rights.  Meeting fees are included.

Principal Additional ~ Same as the Principal with the exception of voting rights.  Meetings fees are included.

Associate ~ A legal entity providing professional services to the commercial building industry. This is a non voting member and may not hold an elected office.  The only exception is the Associate shall elect the Associate Representatives to the Board of    Directors.  Monthly meeting fees are included.  Associate Members are reported to BOMA International.

Associate Additional ~ No voting rights.  Monthly meetings fees are NOT included; pay as you go.  Associate Additional is NOT reported to BOMA International.

As a result of the changes adopted as part of the Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993, 9.39% of your dues payment to BOMA is not deductible by members as an ordinary and necessary business expense.