April 2018  

President's Report



I was unable to make our tour of the University of Arizona Athletic Facilities, but I have received some great comments from some that attended.  This tour is just one of the ways we try to expand your knowledge.  The other is through the various education and programs that we hold.  The April meeting is a twofer – you get the knowledge of the vendors that are BOMA members as well as the additional knowledge of how to deal with the homeless.  Officer Morken, Tucson Police Department, will be offering additional information and answering your questions about topic.   

We are making an effort to provide you an opportunity for continuing education points and our October class “What is Hiding in your Environment?” was approved by the Department of Real Estate for 3 credit under the Disclosure category.  ATI is presenting and sponsoring the class.  More details will be announced soon. 

Security is an area where there is always something new to learn.  At our May meeting, Allied Universal Protection will be presenting an Active Shooter course.  Please mark your calendar for May 22 and plan for a 1 ½ hour meeting.  Don’t let the time prevent you from coming though.  If you need to leave before the end, we all understand.  Russell Mallette, CPP will be the speaker.  In September, join us for a Self Defense class.  It will be 2 hours starting at 3 p.m. and will be followed by a mixer. 

I hope everyone is having a productive 2018.  The year is certainly moving fast.  Just remember, that knowledge is a wonderful treasure.

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Trade Show


April 24, 2018

Follow Up With Homeless Issues and Annual Trade Show
April 24, 2018
11:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Sheraton Tucson Hotel
5151 E Grant Rd
Tucson, AZ 85712
Do You Have Homeless Issues on your Properties?

$0.00 Member Registration

$125.00 Member ~ Trade Show Booth (Includes member's lunch)

$25.00 Guest (Associate) from Member's Office - Assisting at Trade Show & Luncheon

$15.00 Guest (Principal) ~ Assistants/Engineers from BOMA-GT Member's Office

$35.00 Guest Registration 

SPEAKER:  Officer Morken, Tucson Police Department

TOPIC:  Follow Up with Homeless Issues

1.  Trespass Letters (City of Tucson only)

2.  The City Code - WASTE SCAVENGING (TC15-10.3 civil infraction).  In the city limits, it's illegal to pick through another persons garbage without permission.

3.  TPD Response - TPD has a lot of calls for service compared to the number of patrol officers assigned to take 911 calls.  What to do if you have repeat offenders.  

4.  If you have to confront suspects (its your right to, or not) take another person with you when possible.  Take cell phone video or pictures of trouble makers.  These people fear this.


Best Booth Competition ....

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS:  You MUST purchase a table/booth if you plan on attending the Trade Show portion of the program.  If you choose not to, we still hope you join us for the luncheon.  Also, if you are having another person from your office attend and/or participate in the trade show, please register them at the special guest rate of $25.00.

PRINCIPAL MEMBERS:  Be sure to attend the Trade Show and support our associate members. This is a great opportunity to get to know them!  There is also a special drawing for Principal Members.

Assistants/Engineers from BOMA-GT Member's Office ~ $15.00

Trade Show ~ 11:00
General Business ~ 11:45
Speaker/Program ~ Noon


We are doing a Summer Collection for the Erik Hite Foundation.  Please contribute...

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Upcoming Events


April 5th ~ Committee Meetings
** MAS Real Estate Services

     4732 N. Oracle Road; Room 313
     3:30 pm

April 24th ~ Trade Show & Homeless Follow Up - Erik Hite Collection
** Sheraton Tucson
     5151 E. Grant Road; 85712
     11:00 am

May 3rd ~ Committee Meetings
** MAS Real Estate Services

     4732 N. Oracle Road; Room 313
     3:30 pm

May 22nd ~ Active Shooter (This program will be 1 1/2 hours)
** Sheraton Tucson
     5151 E. Grant Road; 85712
     11:00 am

**  October 10th - CE (Disclosure) - 3 hours (9 - Noon)
      More information to come soon

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Did You Know?

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There is no cost to enroll in the program. Rebates are distributed annually at the end of the rebate period, which runs through February, and annual purchases must total a minimum of $25,000 to qualify. This program is for commercial accounts only and is open to all BOMA members, including associate members.

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Suite 121; #239
Oro Valley, AZ  85737

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me in the BOMA GT office at or call (520) 310-1605.

Thank you,

Luann Schwartz
Executive Director

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